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Nick Normal

Born-n-bred in St. Louis, Missouri, Nick Normal pursued his undergraduate degree overseas at Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design (London, UK) where he graduated with ‘honours’ in Fine Arts (and unbelievably, he didn’t pick up an accent, although he does now drink his body weight in tea every week). With a firm approach to working with whatever he can get his hands and mind on, Nick enjoys making scale models, maquettes and installations and buying dollar-store items to integrate into his surroundings – that is, both his life and his work. He is also a lifelong biblioholic, which has recently turned into assembling an ‘expansive library’ of cardboard books. Nick is also building an archive of press releases, postcards, flyers, brochures, etc. related to art exhibitions – in progress now since November 2003, it is estimated at 11,000 individual items and spans a plethora of three-ring binders and milk-crates (an archive of archives).

Nick maintains a blog where he occasionally mentions the Flux Factory

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