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Nicolas Lossen

Nicolas Lossen, is a Guitar player, Vocalist, Composer and Producer from Martinique, French West Indies. After studying music and behavior sciences in Paris for 10 years, he produced his first two albums : Caribbean/Pop #One Way to the Sky released in 2014 and #Pié Coco’a, the African American Jazz Tale, in 2017, using the language of modern Jazz.

In 2013, he began producing the permanent festival Jazz à la Pointe offering outdoor live jazz and pop music every two weeks in his hometown in Martinique. He is currently working on 3 projects: #BiguineFlamenca, featuring Canadian World Music Award Jorge Martinez, fusing Flamenco and Caribbean traditions on acoustic guitars. Cenesthesia, his new project, which focuses on the use of modern Live Pop techniques as tools to draw the answer to an apparently simple question : “How do you feel, here and now?!” / Comment te sens tu ici et maintenant?!” #Native, his new jazz project: after the exploring histories from African American people, he is now learning and gathering stories from Native peoples of the Americas.

  • 2020.
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