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NY TIMES – Resquiescat in Flux – October 30, 2008



Resquiescat in Flux

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Resquiescat in Flux

Betty Alexandra Bastidas for The New York Times
Artists at work in the Flux Factory.

TheFlux Factory, a long-runningartists’ collective in Queens, has lost its building to the M.T.A. Friday they hand over the keys, but Thursday night they’re planning afinal blow-out, with15 rooms of performance– including a “birthday party room, slam poets on stilts, heavy metal, D.J.’s, a video confessional booth, dance lessons VH1 style, interactive sound art, ballet, campfire stories, costumed buffoonery, oracles,” plus music and dancing culminating in a final tear-down/clean-up of the whole space. Don’t miss it.

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