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October Flux Thursday: October 9

Thursday October 9
Dinner at 8pm, Presentations begin at 9:30pm
The event is free, but do bring something to share!


Please join us on October 9th for our monthly community potluck and art salon: an informal time to catch up with old friends, eat something delicious prepared by our artist-chefs, and learn more about projects by Fluxers old and new.

This month’s presentation will be a Utopia School takeover, an all-day learning, making, and eating event.

  • 12pm ‘Quality of Life’ Enforcement, a performative research process in collaboration with Art in Odd Places (AiOP). Concerned with how quality of life is interpreted and enforced by NYC authorities, this workshop will look at how the city allows or disallows human activity (including creativity) at different socio-economic levels, and depending on where one comes from.
  • 12pm Ad Hacking: Using art to improve our immediate environment.
  • 2-4pm Master Suppression Techniques: Almost everyone can turn to using suppression techniques unconsciously or consciously when we feel pressured or attacked in a conversation, or feel a justified need/ want to exercise power over someone else. An introduction to suppression techniques is meant to create awareness of ones own use of these and how we sometimes, without thinking about it, take part in subtle acts of domination.
  • 6-9pm Fixing Session: Fixers’ Collective NYC is a group of folks dedicated to working together to fix things – encouraging improvisational fixing and mending and fighting planned obsolescence. This will be a skill-sharing session where people will not only bring in their broken items, but they will also participate in the repair process and receive informal and casual training

Join us for the whole day of workshops, or come by in the evening for our 8pm potluck! If you’re curious to learn more about Utopia School, this is a great time to check it out! Full Utopia School Calendar of events is available here.

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