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Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards is an American artist, musician, and teacher. He has been exploring the field of circuit bending and musical electronics since 2000 through his business Casperelectronics. He performs regularly under the same name. Edwards received a BFA in sculpture from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2000. Since then he has taught himself electronics and strives to find ways to help creative thinkers take control of the medium.

In 2005 he developed the creative electronics department at Hampshire College. He currently teaches circuit bending classes at New York City’s new media arts center,Harvestworks, and writes electronics tutorials for American DIY tech magazine Make. Edwards has performed, taught workshops and spoken on the topic of circuit bending and creative electronics at MIT’s Media Lab, Hasbro Toys, Hampshire College, Skidmore College, New York University, Bloomfield University, Long Beach University and at new media festivals around the world including The Piksel Festival (Bergen, Norway), The OFFF Festival (Paris, France), Sequences Festival (Reykjavik, Iceland) and Bent Festival (New York & LA, USA).

Edwards’ sculptural work has been shown at the Tang Museum (Saratoga Springs, NY), Green Gallery (YALE University, New Haven, CT), West Hall Gallery (RPI, Troy, NY) ABC no Rio (New York, NY), Lost Horse Gallery (Reykjavik, Iceland), Hans Wies Gallery (Manchester, CT) and more.

Peter currently lives in Troy, New York where he operates casperelectronics and curates the performance space Casper Land.

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