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September 10 – 25, 2004

-functional art objects and music made from waste.

There is an alchemical process that takes place when waste is converted into something useful. REFUSE is a collection of work by artists who apply this process to castaway raw materials reshaped into functional art objects and sound sculptures. The exhibit will include pieces whose emphasis is on form and function, making scavenged material an integral, possibly unapparent element of the work through skilled transmutation. An apparent dwelling space within the gallery will be assembled with pieces ranging from dresses woven from cassette tape ribbon (Alyce Santoro), a chair reupholstered with woven blue new york times bags (Sarah Hollis Perry), chairs fashioned from recycled road signs (Boris Bally) and tables crafted from scrap wood (Scrapile). Several Interactive sound sculptures and musical instruments made from waste will be placed throughout the gallery providing a sonic backdrop for the space.

Featuring works by: Shinsuke Aso, Boris Bally, Neil Benson, Lea Bogden, Steve Bradley, Carrie Collins, Peggy Diggs, Joy Halsted, Jennifer Long, Jacob Mitas, Nikolai Moderbacher, Cynthia Norton, John Parker, Sarah Hollis Perry, Paul Rutkovsky, Jason Sanford, Alyce Santoro, SCRAPILE, Colleen Rae Smiley , David Snyder, Erwin Timmers, Steve Thompson, Crispin Webb
with musical performances by
Ken Butler, Isac Zal, Neptune

curated by Jacob Mitas

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