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Rivca Burns

Rivca Burns is the Programme Producer at the Islington Mill, a festival curator along with Mark Carlin of Sounds From the Other City festival, and sometimes DJ/visual artist. Having been at Islington Mill for over 3 years, Rivca has worked on many different projects within and externally of the building, including working on developing links with New York City, such as initiating the residencies with CHERYL and developing relationships with Flux Factory.

During her residency at Flux Factory, Rivca will be on a personal development residency exploring different paths she can travel through the work that she currently does and work she wishes to explore by allowing herself time to encourage creativity within the things she already does, such as visual work, photography and curation.

She will be taking part in the CHERYLWEEN event on the 31st of October at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, as well as working on visuals under the name of Positively Destructive alongside KHOM in A NIGHT OF CROSS ATLANTIC COLLABORATION at Silent Barn on the 26th of October, arranged by her good friends Fat Out till you Pass Out.

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