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Rony Efrat

Rony Efrat makes art out of languages, text, sound and video. She is a translator, linguist, language teacher and the artistic director of a platform of artistic collaboration. She has lived and studied in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Venice and Paris, and teaches and learns Hebrew, English, French, Italian, and German. Rony explores the potential of belonging by creating language manuals and audio guides, translating poetry, prose and bureaucracy, and recording conversations with strangers.


A former journalist, she was an assistant at the Théâtre du Soleil at Festival d’Avignon and in the opera Einstein on The Beach. She has led workshops at the Comédie de Reims Theatre, and participated in creating a dramatized audio guide for the Louvre Museum. Rony founded Performance Etc., an ephemeral collective between France, Italy and Croatia. She is currently the artistic director of IGLOÙ, that puts together multidisciplinary writers and artists into a site specific performance festival. She has received the Créart’Up award for cultural development in Paris, an annual residency from the City of Paris, and a production grant from the European Cultural Foundation.

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