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Major Exhibition Open Call: Self Storage

Self Storage Deadline: August 11th


Exhibition Dates are Octobe 16th – 30th

Flux Factory is excited to announce the open call for Self Storage. A very site specific project that will highlight and support currently venue-less artist / activist / community spaces.
This open call is specifically addressed to NYC community & activist centers / art spaces & collectives that have lost their physical locations.

Taking full advantage of the “First Month Free” promotional offers used by the storage facilities in Long Island City, Queens, Self Storage will help venueless spaces ‘legally occupy’ storage units to create a context driven exhibition addressing topics of gentrification, consumption, community, resilience, and displacement.

Application deadline: August 11, 2017

Applicants are invited to send proposals of how they would curate/utilize a storage space for a one month period as if it were a meeting space / gallery. Each show will have its own (sub)title and will freely apply its own desired thematic angle to the overall concept and the surroundings. The presentation of the Self-storage NYC show will be organized as self guided audio tours of the various storage units.

Please continue to the application page for more information and application guide.

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