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Tali Petschek & Marin Watts

Tali and Marin’s work is performative, most often existing as video in the shape of documentation of a private performance. These performances broadly explore intimacy and identity, as well as examines how queer bodies and identities exist in a society that polices and asserts what is socially acceptable. Throughout their explorations, they address boundaries and limits, pushing them, breaking them, exposing them. Their work is cathartic; it is process driven, sensual, playful, and healing.

Marin Watts is a Filipino-American multimedia artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  He is culturally rooted in the American South and has a long history of working collaboratively with youth and social justice communities.  His work includes photography, video, sound, and performance as a way to explore various themes of gender, sexuality and identity.

Tali Petschek is a multimedia artist and poet living and working in Long Island City, NY. They use their body in their work and explore the interplay between beauty and disgust, joy and grief and are interested in finding moments in which endings and beginnings are indistinguishable.

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