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Terribilis Tubus

Opening reception: Friday, August 24th, 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition Dates: August 25th – September 2nd, 2012
Hours: open weekends, 12 – 5 pm or by appointment (call 347-500-3080)

Flux Factory is pleased to present Terribilis Tubus, a group show of four Glasgow-based artists in collaboration with David Dale Gallery & Studios, including works by Hirofumi Suda and current Flux Artists-in-Residence Risa Tsunegi, Rory O’ Connor and Theodoros Stamatogiannis.

Utilizing different methods, each artist references the formal language of architecture from varied viewpoints. Considering the fertile ground of the construction site, and how they draw inspiration from it, they aim to bring the boundaries and language of architecture and sculpture together, questioning play, aesthetics, implications, and conditions – historical, temporal and poetic – that reside in both worlds.

The Latin title has a dual meaning in English, translating into either “terrible pipe” or “awesome pipe.” By this translation, it imparts an element of contemporary dialect to its meaning in order to play with its relation to history. Through this exhibition, the artists examine how value and meaning are given to the states (objects and processes) of construction and deconstruction, which are seen in the built environment. They intend to question how these
states might be approached and perceived by artists if encountered in a different historical context.

Terribilis Tubus puts a historical setting on the contemporary, playfully weaving language and objects, and in turn teasing meaning through translation and context.

The exhibition is supported by Creative Scotland.

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