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The Infamous Outpost

 March 31 – May 5, 2012

In the spring of 2012, thirteen artists will create a site-specific installation and temporary consulate of Flux Factory titled The Infamous and Only Somewhat Ambassadorial Outpost of the Semi-Legitimate Nation of Flux at Spanien 19C in Aarhus, Denmark. Constructing a miniature version of the Flux Factory space within the gallery, the artists will serve as Flux ambassadors on foreign soil, all the while inhabiting the space and performing “business as usual.”

The Infamous Outpost is intended to create broader cultural exchange between Flux Factory and the extended artistic, educational, and cultural communities of Aarhus and greater Denmark, exploring the nature of networking and mutual pedagogy. At Spanien 19C, Fluxers will construct memory-based facsimiles of Flux Factory’s communal and private spaces, inhabiting the installation as hyperbolic self portraits in a reconstruction of collective rituals. During open hours, they will perform as exaggerated versions of themselves, with meetings, educational programming, and participatory public events: a structure akin to role playing, improvisational performance, and the voyeuristic nature of reality television. This format provides viewers with the opportunity to actively engage the collective within the context of the performance. As emissaries, Fluxers will meet with local arts organizations, schools, and museums, to facilitate workshops, artist talks, and lectures that will broaden connections between cultural institutions around Aarhus, including the local Art Academy and Kunstskole Bifrost.

With the aim of connecting regional institutions to one another and New York City, The Infamous Outpost calls into question the authority of a foreign organization arriving with the intention of providing any form of authoritative insight into its methods of artistic production and practice.

Click here to see a video-a-day of our experiences in Aarhus, created by Flux Factory’s very own Jaime Iglehart.

Participating artists include past and present Flux Artists-in-Residence, Flux staff members, and friends of Flux: Adrian Owen, Alex Wolkowicz, Alex Young, Angela Washko, Christina Vassallo, Georgia Muenster, Ian Montgomery, Jaime Iglehart, Jean Barberis, Matthew-Robin Nye, Richard Nathaniel, Tom Watson, and Wieteke Heldens. This Flux Factory project is organized by Georgia Muenster & Matthew-Robin Nye and supported by DIVA.


March 15, 6pm
[EXPAND Flux Factory on Relational Aesthetics at Aarhus University]Join us for a discussion at Aarhus University on Flux Factory and its position on the ever-present contemporary notion or relational aesthetics, with Alex Young, Georgia Muenster, and Matthew-Robin Nye.[/EXPAND]

March 19, 10:30am
[EXPAND Collective Processes at Det Fynske Kunstakademi]Longstanding Fluxers Adrian Owen, Georgia Muenster, and Jean Baberis will lead Collective Processes, a lecture on collective life at Det Fynske Kunstakademi in Odense, Denmark, to be followed by a very hands-on workshop on cooking and eating together.[/EXPAND]

March 23-24
[EXPAND Flux Factory at BGK Holsterbro]Fluxers Ian Montgomery, Jaime Iglehart, Matthew-Robin Nye, and Pessi will journey to Holsterbro, in the western part of Jylland, to lead a video workshop where students will create a music video of their own.[/EXPAND]

March 30, 8pm
[EXPAND Flux Factory’s Drag Race: The Grand Pram Slam]Flux Factory proudly presents the Grand Pram Slam, a wild dash through the majestic train station-turned-arts-center, Godsbanen, on its opening night. We’re organizing a glorious, sparkling tour the entire building – from the courtyards to offices – by way of the most noble of all vehicles: the pram.[/EXPAND]

March 31, 6-10:00pm
[EXPAND Grand Opening, Spanien 19C]Join us for the opening of our embassy at Spanien 19C! A contingent of Fluxers have installed themselves as ambassadors to Aarhus, with the aim to further collaboration as an international collective. Bureaucratic madness, drinks, music, and wonder await.

Gallery open hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-6pm[/EXPAND]

Every Thursday, March 15 – May 3, 8:30pm
[EXPAND Flux Thursday]Flux Thursday is our weekly potluck dinner and art salon in the comfort of our home. Each Thursday we present a variety of practices from our community, from video to beermaking to architecture. Bring something delicious to share![/EXPAND]

April 11 & 19
[EXPAND The Bifrost Collaboration Continues]In two workshops, members of Bifrost – a school for mentally handicapped adults in Randers, Denmark – and Flux Factory will lead skillshares as part of the ongoing collaboration between the two organizations.[/EXPAND]

April 12
[EXPAND Flux visits Den Jyske Akademi]For this discussion, members of Flux Factory will lead a workshop at the Den Jyske Akademi of Aarhus, the content of which will be entirely kept secret.[/EXPAND]

April 16 & 23
[EXPAND Flux at Egå Gymnasium]Fluxers will visit Egå, in the north part of Aarhus, for a discussion and workshop on the art of contemporary portraiture.[/EXPAND]

April 25-27
[EXPAND Raft-making! with Bureau Detours]In the vein of last summer’s Sea Worthy expeditions, Fluxers will lead a three-day workshop on raft-making with Bureau Detours at the Institute for X in Aarhus, concluding in a voyage down the Aarhus Å canal to Spanien 19C.[/EXPAND]

April 26
[EXPAND Flux Factory at Godsbanen, Redux / Flux Thursday]Join us for a discussion alongside Joasia Krysa of Documenta Kassel and Polish artist and curator Agnieszka Wolodzko, as we discuss collectivity and the nature of Flux Factory in New York. The panel will be followed by a very, very special Flux Thursday at B//Huset at the Institute for (X), beginning at 9pm! [/EXPAND]

May 3
[EXPAND Closing Party]All good things must come to an end. Join us for a last hurrah at The Infamous Outpost installation at Spanien 19C before we pack our bags and head home! Dinner starts at 8:30, and then who knows what will happen?[/EXPAND]

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