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Tongue Tide Education: Schools of Hope

Windmill Community Garden

39-22 29th Street, Long Island City

Saturdays from 3pm – 6pm

July 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

Artist Masoom Moitra will offer arts workshops for kids in our community Saturdays during the month of July.

Workshops will be located in the Windmill Community Garden, across from Flux Factory.

To register please email or phone 631-612-7283 or walk in.

All sessions are free and open to public– attending all of them is highly encouraged, but not compulsory.

Priority will be given to families who live in or around Queensbridge Houses, though everyone is encouraged to sign up and participate.

Workshop Description:

Knowledge is everywhere, not just in school- in your own families, communities, histories and futures! It is inside and outside of you. Join us this summer to learn how to teach and learn from yourself and everyone/ everything around you. Each session will dig into explorations of our past and how we re-invent ourselves for the future. Generations ago, we left our old homes, land, clothing, jewelry, songs, paintings, stories and languages behind, but we are always creating a new life from pieces of our history and keeping our language and culture alive in new, exciting, hopeful and creative ways.


Four artists and designers will take you through some creative art and thinking adventures around the theme of language and culture- Masoom Moitra will introduce the sessions through language art and games; Anna Pelavin will guide you into the world of visual storytelling and collaging ; Lizania Cruz will explore lessons we learn from jewelry and family heirlooms that we inherit and the new ones we create ; Umesh Mangipudi will paint language through music by excavating old songs, rhythms and tunes and transform them into new kinds of music.


The work of participants will be included as part of the exhibition and closing event at Flux Factory, as we celebrate our work through a pot luck dinner!


Young folks of all ages are welcome, but don’t forget to bring along an elder (join us all you grandmothers, mothers, aunts, neighbors, fathers, caregivers or older siblings out there)-  we want them to learn from you and you to learn from them!


“Schools of Hope” are an emerging network of autonomous, satellite and camouflaging think-tanks that make space for the production of creative and intellectual knowledge, to respond to contemporary, urban issues. The source of these new, non-institutional forms of educational material and action, are communities who have historically been valued in urban societies and economies only for their physical or reproductive labor. The project is currently focused on working with immigrant families, indigenous communities, neighborhoods of color, women, youth, and elders.



Masoom Moitra is a community-engaged, interdisciplinary artist and designer from Mumbai and based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work responds to issues of invisibility, labor, migration and cooperation through the creation of drawings, strategies, experiences, interactions, pedagogy and practices that respond to different forms of violence- social, political, cultural, economical, environmental and physical. In collaboration with the IMI Council (made up of residents, youth and the Queens Museum of Art), the ‘Schools of Hope’ project has previously been hosted in Immigrant Movement International in 2016, and the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center in 2017 (Urgencia Territorial: Critical Urban Design and Research towards a Just Cityscape). She has been a part of the Urban Embodiments exhibition at the Roosevelt Avenue Studio (2014, The Historic Falchi Building), Art & Renaissance exhibition (2015, The Gem Store), and the International Association of Humane Habitat exhibition (2010, travelling around India). Her research and design work with URBZ has been included at the Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding Megacities exhibition (2015, MoMA New York) and published in Domus (2010) and Indian Architect & Builder (2011).

She teaches Integrated Design at Parsons, The New School and is currently involved in the development of the first comprehensive cultural plan for New York with Hester Street Collaborative.

Schools of Hope is part of the Flux 2017 Major Exhibition, Tongue Tide.



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