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Tubby Bastard

(Heartbreaker Extrodinaire):

In the proud tradition of Flux Factory, Tubby graduated from Bard College with a degree in studio art. After graduation he had his brief brush with the sex industry when moving to Los Angeles. Later on he decided he grew bored binging off suburban sprawl, and being a walking stereotype so he decided to go back home to Providence RI to take post graduate classes at the Rhode Island School of Design.
Tubby joined the Flux crew back in September of 2004 when he managed to snag himself a position after sleeping with Morgan and Shuffy (sleeping with, meaning-got down on all hands and knees begging, as the both of them threw things at him laughing, and called him a weenie). Luckily he some how managed to convince them to take a shine to the little bugger, and was declared a permanent member in November.
Nowadays, Tubby allows himself to be exploited and underpaid by various employers in the NYC area working freelance graphic design jobs as a more productive alternative to selling his body on the 42nd st Duece, while trying to make a life for himself as a painter. He also works for Joe Bob Briggs, reviewing films submitted for an all horror movie channel, which is planned to launch in NYC shortly. He is fascinated with, and has made a life for himself out of studying sleaze culture, and social deviancy, mainly in the world of genre films, and hopes to turn post gentrified New York, back into the dirty sleazy arm pit of a city it once was [fingers crossed]. He enjoys moonlight strolls, long walks on the beach, and awkward fat children with lisps.

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