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Tween Dweam Recap

Flux Factory celebrated the last of its teenage years with the Tween Dweam Social on April 27th, 2013. The gallery was transformed into the coolest basement dance party ever, decked out with everything a tween could possibly dweam of. Specialty drinks at the super secret bar included the popular “Q-Tea”, “Spice up your Life”, fun dip rimmed Vodka shots, and Lagunitas beers for the grown-ups. Across the bar and next to the bowl of cheese balls was the Mega Fluxy Twister dance floor, complete with an over-sized spinner. Around the corner was a secluded make-out room with an atmospheric bubble machine and screenings of tween classics, such as My Little Pony and The Wonder Years.

Guests were invited to become pop idols themselves by participating in YouTube Karaoke and getting Belieber nail art by Anna Harsanyi. Pizza was provided so hungry party goers could dance all night. And just when everybody thought the party couldn’t get any crazier, Viva Bodyroll and her proFRESH dance crew burst in with an energetic dance routine and kept the party going with a dance-along-dance-a-thon. All the unforgettable fun was documented on a custom photo booth.

Wow, what a night! Hope mom and dad don’t find out. Thanks to everyone for attending and helping us reach our fundraising goal to keep our public events mostly free.

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Flux Factory’s personified abridged history, on one Mega Twister board (photo courtesy Christina Vassallo, 2013).

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