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Valentina Medda

I’m interested in the idea of appropriation as a way to build a sense of belonging, while at the same time saving one’s individuality and identity.

Particularly, I’m concerned by one’s relationship with the urban environment, the possibility of feeling part of it, grasping its borders and reshaping it an way that reflects one’s desires and needs.

In doing so, I want to blur the line between private and public, body and architecture, self and object,  imposing an internal perception of time. I try to raise questions about freedom, accessibility and expectations, as well as about urban planning, local government and social organizations.

My body plays an important role in my work, as a tool to map the surrounding and to sense the situations I’m dealing with, so I personally consider my practice as somehow a performative one, although my pieces are rarely performances and are more likely pictures, maps, interventions and “writing”.

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