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Place People at Spectacle Theater

Spectacle Theater 124 S 3rd St, Brooklyn

Fluxers filmmakers Patrick Topitschnig and Catalina Alvarez will present a selection of films at Williamsburg's cooperatively led Spectacle Theater.Purchase tickets at this link. PLACEwherethereisawill, 2005, Video, 2:42, Austria, Patrick TopitschnigCarusel, 2017, Video, 5:47, Romania, Patrick TopitschnigKRIPPE/CRIB, 2012, Video, 6:06, Austria, Patrick TopitschnigMark&Garry, 2013, Video, 7:20, Australia, Patrick TopitschnigFELD, 2019, Video, 5:21, Mexico, Patrick Topitschnig PEOPLESound…

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