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When Everybody Agrees It Means Nobody Understood

Queens Museum of Art
Aug. 11th until Nov. 3rd
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Flux Factory is an arts collective in Long Island City, New York. The collective consists of visual artists, performers, musicians, academics, and activists who collaborate on their own projects as well as producing group works like the current installation at Queens Museum. Flux Factory is interested in art works that transcend the normal definition of €˜art object’. Often, such works explore the relation between the individual and the group and the nature and boundaries of social experience. When Everyone Agrees It Means That No One Understood presents as an artwork the process of building and maintaining a structure that grows, develops, and then devolves. The structure will develop the capacity to document itself and in so doing will produce constant activities to be documented. In the end, the documentation will overwhelm the living structure and will be all that remains.

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