PlayPlay is a DJ, producer, party organizer, professor, and all around music nerd from North Carolina. As both a DJ and producer, PlayPlay combines brand new percussion-forward club sounds with nostalgic classics. Their music is inspired by what they grew up listening to: house, industrial, jungle, breakbeat hardcore, jock jams, 90s club anthems and 80s new wave. In their hardware sets, PlayPlay uses Moog synthesizers to create everything from unearthly drones to high-energy acid/industrial sounds. Their debut EP, “It’s Only 3AM,” will be out on Knightwerk Records in January. 

PlayPlay has been teaching DJ’ing and music production through the music department at UNC-Chapel Hill for the past three semesters. They are especially invested in mentoring women and gender non-conforming DJs & producers, and have hosted multiple workshops with this aim – most recently at Moogfest. For their work at Flux Factory, they will be exploring the energy that can be harnessed through nostalgia via a soundscape installation using synthesizers, recorded samples, and other sonic tools.

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