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Please note that Flux Factory's public programs are closed until further notice due to Coronavirus risk.
Democratic Working Title For Now

Democratic Working Title for Now

March 4-6, 2011
Open hours: Friday-Sunday, 12-7 pm

Flux Factory is proud to present Democratic Working Title for Now, an exhibition of new works by Flux artists-in-residence in conjunction with Long Island City’s Armory Arts Day. Self-curated by the Flux collective, participants create their own “studios” in which to exhibit their work. This is the first show featuring only in-house artists to be held at our new and wonderful building. An open artists collective, Flux is proud to present a variety of works, including painting, video, drawing, conceptual, and multi-media art. True to its name, Democratic Working Title for Now reflects the immediacy of Flux Factory as a constantly-changing group, with artists constantly coming in and out of its doors.

Live performances throughout the day on Friday, March 4.

Participating Artists: Marion Arnaud, Man Bartlett, Johanna Bruckner, Cecilia Enberg, Hannah Heilmann, Shane Heinemeier, Wieteke Heldens, Jaime Iglehart, Anna Lundh, Shawna McLeod, Georgia Muenster, Nick Normal, Matthew-Robin Nye, Adrian Owen, Douglas Paulson, Christina Helena Romirer, Alison Ward, and Angela Washko.

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