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Flux Factory welcomes proposals for artist projects responding to three open calls, organized by Flux artist-curators Heather Kapplow & Itala Aguilera, Amelia Marzec, and Sally Beauti Twin. The exhibitions will take place at Flux Factory’s house on Governors Island between July through November 2024.

Please note: Each call has a unique deadline for proposals. Exhibition resources are limited, so covering artist travel, international shipping, or shipping of large-scale work is not feasible. Exhibitions take place in a historic building with install limitations, but efforts will be made to accommodate any works that are a good match for the open calls.

Proposal submissions to all three calls:

July 13 – August 12, 2024 — The Golden Colonel
Proposals due: June 18, 2024, 11:59 EDT

Curated by Heather Kapplow and Itala Aguilera (with assistance from Shinobu Akimoto)

There is an unspoken understanding that because being an artist is not a “real” job, but something more like a calling, and because artists often don’t earn enough money to save for old age, they can’t retire. They just make art until they die. From mid-July through mid-August, 404A Colonels Row will be transformed into an artists’ retirement home—The Golden Colonel—which explores what it would look like if artists claimed the right to retire from their practices just like everyone else. How would they do it? What does a retirement home for artists look like inside? Who works there? Does everything need to be extra-stimulating, compared to traditional retirement homes? Or is nothing necessary at all because retired artists can apply their imagination to the blank space anew each day (or multiple times per day depending on the amount of short-term memory they’ve maintained?) 

Propose your ideas for transforming our empty, crumbling house (see floor plan) into one that feels like a home for aged artists or:

  • Submit artworks in any format that respond to the kinds of questions asked above. 
  • Propose hosting an activity or to offer a therapeutic service at The Golden Colonel. (Activating the building’s front lawn is especially welcome, but indoor activities are fine too.)
  • Make a proposition, a strategy, a blueprint, a maquette, a protest or some other thing aimed at resolving the problem of 404A Colonels Row’s lack of accessibility for those with mobility issues or assistive mobility devices. (See image of front entryway.)
  • Propose to create a portal of some kind from The Golden Colonel into an environment that transcends Western approaches to aging/dying (such as the notion of a “retirement home”) altogether. What if retiring from being an artist instantly gained you entry to another dimension for example? 

August 17 – September 22, 2024 — Spiritual Machines
Deadline for proposals: June 23, 2024, 11:59 EDT

Curated by Amelia Marzec & Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow

What do we retain about our humanity through cultural shifts that leave us accelerated far beyond what our ancestors dreamed of? “Spiritual Machines” is an exhibition at Flux Factory on Governors Island that presents interdisciplinary artwork including ritual, performance, digital art, and artifacts that respond to our current condition of technological advancement. We are seeking work in any medium that responds to artificial intelligence, hybrid humans, what is real in an increasingly virtual world, and what cultural practices we are retaining, revisiting, and evolving along with us. The exhibition will be installed on the first floor of the house, and there will be 1-2 days of performances. 

October 5 – November 3, 2024 — Species Light Show & Parade
Deadline for proposals: September 9, 2024, 11:59 EDT

Curated by Salli Beauti Twin


Costumes or costume components of the native species of Governors Island (NYC) will be displayed in a few rooms of an enormous Governors Island house. The flora / fauna of Governors Island are pretty much those of New York City (even pigeons and rats have been sighted). Cash awards will be given for top costumes. Huge opening and closing parties will be held. Media and other exposure will be plentiful. The show will be open Fridays and weekends.  From an ecological standpoint we’re very interested in the species that are at the remote ends of the food chain. See the iNaturalist link. We’ll also consider a few costumes depicting fantasy creatures. On Saturday October 3, a 200+ person costume, music and tech parade will occur on the island. Wearing your costume in this cavalcade is not required but desired!


Rooms of this Governors Island mansion will be dedicated to light art. This is defined as art that emits or alters light (or depict light).  Last year this included a Camera Obscura room, interactive Bioluminescent algae, a room with projections of sunsets, sculptural lamps and more. Do you make art lamps or magic lanterns? Do you have bioluminescent fungi? We want to see it!  Cash awards will be given for top light art in the show. For more show details see the costume section above). 

Here is a list of the observed species on Governors Island

Here is a website with images from past parades.

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