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Carolina Redondo

Carolina Redondo was born in Santiago de Chile and studied fine arts at the Universidad Católica de Chile. She has lived in Germany since 2006 and in the last two years she developed a postgraduate studies in the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Has participated in several exhibitions, screenings and film festivals and actually she is showing a performance video installation at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, Germany.

Her work incorporates a variety of media including photography, video and installation. Crossing and testing aesthetic perceptions and boundaries, her practice explores the self, a human presence in relation to space. Her ongoing research analyzes the impact of society on the individual, raising questions about how to occupy a position and integrate this with the conventions of place. These image-performance-installations deal with concepts of abstraction through contrast and camouflage. She position herself in private, ephemeral performances that often represent Sisyphean situations or conditions relating to desires, fears, fantasies and struggle. She depict encounters between the shape – grammars of the figure on natural and artificial built-environments, by structuring and reducing them to concrete reify forms and colors in order to create an active and visible gesture that evolves a bodily awareness.

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