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Feralpy Workshops and Performances

July 29, 2023 @ 12:00 pm 6:00 pm

Colonels Row House 404A

Join Flux for an afternoon of workshops and performances in conjunction with the Feralpy Group Exhibition. View more event details and RSVP for workshops and performances at Eventbrite.

12pm-6pm: Feel Like an Island Today? Freeform Drawing and Collage Workshop with Cayla Lockwood
your feelings and assembling your thoughts alone/together with Flux Factory. This lightly guided workshop will provide prompts and materials for therapeutic drawing and collage-making. Our efforts from the day will be compiled into a group ocean or choose to work on your own private island. Take it easy, come and go as you please. All ages welcome and no skills required.

1pm-2pm, 3pm-4pm & 5pm-6pm: How to Hold on While Letting Go Workshop with Jemma Rose Brown
To fly a kite, stand with your back to the wind. Start with a short, tight line. As the kite catches air, you’ll feel a small tug. Only let the line out very slowly. Let go too quickly, and the kite will swirl, loose and crumpled, to the ground.

For this guided workshop, we will be making and flying kites with the names of emotions that we need to grasp before we can fully release. Collectively, we’ll hold on, and then we’ll let the wind and the slack of the line and one another help us to let them go.

2pm-4pm: The School for Anything Workshop with Jonathan Matthews-Guzmán
The School for Anything : Positively Thoughtful, Self-Performatively Studied Stim Circle / or, “casting a w i d e net” / or, Constructing a “minimal trash h e a p ” .

Lifted from their work with elementary school ages as well as their sensibly paradoxical existence in this lifetime as an multi-disciplinary artist who also identifies in this lifetime as a multi-racial, genderfree(fluid), and neuroplastic(divergent) person, Jonathan Matthews-Guzm​​án , or Schrōdinger, will facilitate a time-space in which all are welcome to share and receive the results of “both/and” thinking.

We begin with a grounding and trust building welcome circle, punctuated by a musical talisman (instrument), that may be employed for sonic purposes, or held onto for grounding and presence.

We ask ourselves and our community what we need, and manifest an actionable artistic happenstance to serve as the macrocosm for our microcosm, accepting its mere impermanence on this sphere we call home for only so long and so forth.

The result could be anything, but we are headed towards an anarchist dismantling of opera as a Gesamtkunstwerk, or “total art form” , towards a facsimile of life itself in which there are expressive tools to cope with life’s left turns – essentially, a fully improvised opera, or “life” itself, however, in tender loving community (lovingly referred to as a “minimal trash heap”).

Anything goes, as long as your intentions are prepared and pure, a process we will come to know as we embark on this journey together.

12pm-6pm: Open House with Laurel Atwell

During these two days, we shall open the house to whatever may come. We will gather, establish our rules of engagement, assess the group mood, and embark on an experience together. Anything can shift at any time: we can go from sharing our dreams to crafting to performing a play to learning a dance to taking a silent walk. The time is ours, we will begin with the unknown, and invite what wishes to appear. As facilitator, I will have options to pull from my bag of tricks, but I encourage everyone to show up open to stepping in and out of roles within the group. If you feel inspired, bring something to share (could be anything: food, a book, an image, an oracle, a song), wear comfortable clothes, and feel free to come and go throughout the time. Looking forward to being with you. Inspired by the work and study of Process as Guide with Melanie Maar.

12pm-6pm: Doing Nothing Together with Hey There Kapplow
Doing Nothing Together is an accountability container for practicing pause and presence, collectively, in resistance to perfectionist culture. It helps people build their capacity to reject the pressure and debilitating effects of unnecessary urgency. Four 30-minute sample sessions will occur throughout the course of the day at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. The experience is offered at no cost, but because the facilitator has traveled from Boston, unpaid, to host this experience, donations are gratefully accepted. If you find the experience satisfying, you are also welcome to join regular, weekly, telephonic Doing Nothing Together gatherings. Learn more at

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