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Feralpy Workshops and Performances

August 5, 2023 @ 12:00 pm 6:00 pm

Colonels Row House 404A

Join Flux for an afternoon of workshops and performances in conjunction with the Feralpy Group Exhibition. View more event details and RSVP for workshops and performances at Eventbrite.

Films and Performances:
12pm-4pm: “Three Acts From Love” Performance by Anahit Pogosians

4pm-5pm: Film Screening and Performances with Feralpy Artists
Katy McCarthy
Shiloah Symone Coley
Rebecca Patek

Island Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing by Katy McCarthy, Digital video converted from Hi-8, TRT, 2023
‘Island Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing’ is a video that takes its form from Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a psychotherapy that uses oscillating bilateral light and sound to help people heal from trauma. While watching the film, the viewer’s eyes are constantly drawn left and right across the screen: a flying bird, a ferry leaving the harbor, bonfire smoke wafting, a crab rolling. A soundscape pans left to right in time with the visuals.

“Grief is…” and can I keep it in my pocketbook?, by Shiloah Symone Coley
The experimental animations, “Grief is…” and can I keep it in my pocketbook?, grew out of interviews with my mother and maternal grandmother, Wanna. The interview process is a method for understanding, connection, and unearthing the unsaid or unheard. “Grief is…” bears witness to grief through the lens of two women. can I keep it in my pocketbook? started with family photo archiving, grew to community archiving, and explores a shared feeling – from the interior to the exterior. With deep gratitude, I thank all those who trusted me with a piece of their family archive. To my mother and Wanna, I love you endlessly, forever, and always.

N Site by Rebecca Patek
Key concepts and research will be presented addressing questions such as:

Is there a physical site within the brain which, if stimulated, leads to emotional healing? Can this physical space be accessed and stimulated through movement?

Is the body a repository of stored trauma, a flesh passageway to freedom, or a laboratory for direct observation of cause and effect?

Can we undo consequences of bad decisions through a kind of willful amnesia? How can we make it like it never ever happened? We can’t because time seems to only move in one direction. Why does time go only one way and why is that way towards chaos?

the audience will leave the presentation with tangible and concrete tools to pursue their own healing.

5pm-6pm: Film Screening and Performances with Feralpy Artists
LZ Granderson
Nova Scott James

Black Butoh, loud visuals of silence by LZ Granderson
Black Butoh is an experimental, movement-based short film using the Japanese art form of Butoh to navigate the anxieties of being a Black man in the United States.

In an article titled “Raising a Black Boy to Not Be Afraid,” Nicole Fleetwood navigates an all-too-familiar narrative for parents raising 12-year-old black boys in the US— one filled with, well, fear. The one-liner that triple-dog-dared me to make Black Butoh, read, “The violence done to Tamir Rice [sic] was not only his death but the silencing of his voice.” Black Butoh asks if the black body can speak for the voices that have been silenced. And like raising a Black boy to not be afraid in the US— it tries it’s damned hardest.

Black Butoh, in many ways, outlines the mounting tension leading up to recent protest. Like Butoh, It’s mourning, it’s triumph, it’s fear in celebration, it’s a call to action, it’s anxiety filled bones, it’s dynamic, it’s still, it’s life before death, indeed, it is a peephole into life itself.

Nova: A New Spelling of My Name by Nova Scott-James
A young artist, born as Nicole, but renamed Nova, sets out on a healing journey on an indigenous sanctuary in upstate New York. Accompanied by the Wild Darlings, a black + queer, healing arts collective, she transmutes the trauma of her past by performing in white-face as the male teacher that sexually abused her as a child. Premiered at Camden International Film Festival 2021, screenings: 427, ARoS Kunstmuseum.

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