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Flux City 6

City 1- Saturday, February 24
9PM-12AM Immigrant Ball

City 2- Saturday, March 3
10AM -9PM The Central Nervous City
9PM-12AM The Destruction of Civilization
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CITY 3- Saturday, March 10
10AM – 8PM City with a Diamond Heart
8PM – 10PM Experimental performances and music 

CITY 4 –  Saturday, March 17
10AM – 8PM Art Trash City 
8PM – 10PM The Sanitization 
10PM – 12AM Music by The Company Soundsystem

About Flux City 6
Flux City 6 is an homage to the temporary communities of Flux Factory and an exploration of cities as created and idealized by individuals and small groups. During each week an artist will create a city, or their interpretation of city-ness in the Flux Factory gallery creating a broad and all encompassing installation work which culminates in a public opening for that city  and a destruction event meant to bring about its end – organized by a separate artist or group. Each week the City builders will repurpose the materials left behind by those who came before as we collectively meditate upon cycles of politics, ownership, creation and destruction.

Flux City 6 is a four week cycle of city creation and destruction and rebirth and cataclysm and phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes and Godzilla-traipsing-in-from-the-sea-in-a-breath-of-fire-and-chaos. Flux City 6 is curated by Seth Timothy Larson and Abigail Entsminger.

City 1- Saturday, February 24
10 AM – 9 PM on view 
Cayla Lockwood and Sarah Dahlinger

Fort City is a fully-operating city in Flux Factory, Long Island City, Queens County, New York City, United States constructed 90% from salvaged bed sheets, fabric and materials from MFTA and the pay-per-pound Goodwill in VanDam Street. The projected 2018 population census is expected to be 54 3⁄4. The City includes a post office, movie theater, diner, public library, school, hospital, general store, houses, and a town hall. Fort City will be fully operating with each area open to the public for screenings, games, readings, classes, general sales, etc. There will also be a school prom in the Town Hall, complete with prom photo booth.

9 PM-12 AM Performances
Immigrant Ball by
Katya Grokhovsky

“Immigrant Ball” is a participatory performance event, in which several performers, all first generation immigrants of diverse backgrounds, invite the audience to the extravagantly DIY Ball, during which the city on site will be gradually destroyed through choreographed debauchery. Allowed to misbehave, the immigrants take over the territory; claiming their place, ready to begin again, to renew, to reimagine through their own lenz, reversing the dominant cultural narrative in the process.

City 2- Saturday, March 3
10 AM – 9PM On view 
The Central Nervous City by
Cait Davis 

Cait Davis will create a city whose architectural influence and city structure is based off of human brain anatomy. The city will be split into hemispheres and then further split into parts and lobes. The function of the individual pieces within the brain will influence the use and design of the various buildings, parks and motorways of the city.

 9 PM-12 AM Performances and Party
The Destruction of Civilization (By Toga Party) by
Larissa Hayden

A city destroyed in homage to the fall of the first metropolis. Rome was central to the advancement of civilization and technological development. Yet it was one of their structural innovations that led to their downfall: the aqueducts. While the aqueducts distributed life-giving liquid (“water”) to the Roman people, they were also contaminated with lead. Lead exposure thereby contaminated the minds and bodies of the people who consumed it, leading to madness and ultimately the final destruction of the city of Rome. Larissa Hayden, New York City event planner and shot luge craftsman,will host a grand toga party that evokes the spirit of the original city, as all participants slowly descend into chaos as they drink from an elaborate shot luge modeled after Rome’s aqueducts. Attendees are encouraged to make their own togas upon arrival with materials provided. Various activities throughout the night will encourage bacchanal destruction. 

CITY 3- Saturday, March 10
10 AM – 8 PM On view 
City with a Diamond Heart by
Hui-Ying Tsai

Hui-Ying Tsai is interested in the fragile border of home and the sense of belonging. Home is a verb and an action. The living beings set up the boundary to push outward, and the line is pushed in constantly. The border of a home is constantly being recreated and altered, which suggests that a sense of home must be constantly in flux and that living being must always work toward home wherever we might be. One must live and perform home in order to define it. Hui-Ying will construct from the ruins of the previous cities on-site and create a shelter around her body. To chew, to spit, to tear, to build like an animal.

8 PM – 10 PM
Experimental performances and music curated by Patricio Jijón

Patricio Jijón and Max Abeles are organizing experimental performances with musicians who are primarily also visual artists, all under the auspices of activating the city with a different energy, bringing different communities together and the spirit of improvisation. Abeles will activate the space wearing post apocalyptic costume-like kinetic sculptures made from recycled materials, augmented to be instruments themselves, to create an atmosphere of catharsis and rebirth.
Secret Special Performance by Jonah Levy and Jaclyn Atkinson, 

CITY 4 –  Saturday, March 17
10 AM – 8PM on view
Art Trash City
by Six City Trash Collective

Built from found materials, Art Trash City will be a tongue and cheek representation of art world structures and economies while also providing space for underrepresented artists to embed works within the structure itself.

8PM – 10PM 
Jonathan Sims The Sanitization, Categorization, and Monetization of Artistic Endeavor

This flashy destruction event will conclude our show by molding the event into a “real gallery opening.” Jonathan will break apart the previous city into art-sized chunks, hang them on the wall and attempt to sell them to the viewers. A monograph will be produced, aesthetic details will be streamlined, profits will be made, and an impromptu art talk given during his event: “The Sanitization, Categorization, and Monetization of Artistic Endeavor.”

10 PM – 12 AM Music by The Company Soundsystem
Groovy and marvelous, The Company Soundsystem will send us off back into reality feeling great.



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