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December 5 -6 
Opening Reception: December 5, doors at 7 pm.
December 6: open 4-7 pm.


“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” 

-Mahatma Gandhi

#FUEELESTADO is a project about the lack of social justice and the gross human rights violations in Mexico. It examines the conflict between state power and personal autonomy and responsibility, a conflict that, in Mexico, involves missing persons and unidentified bodies and that can’t be silenced anymore.

Since 2006, over 26,000 individuals have gone missing in Mexico as a result of the violence and mayhem caused by the law enforcement officials’ war on drugs. The 43 students from Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa who went missing while in the custody of Iguala’s police force in September 2014 brought these social justice violations to the forefront and world wide. This project is a wake up call to engage reality.

Lavinia Raccanello‘s work focused on the relationship between human beings, society and social justice, with a particular emphasis on the power of dialectic and participatory practice, and the conflict between state power and personal autonomy and responsibility.

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