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Gothamist: Photos Visiting Kitty City — June 2, 2013

“Photos: Visiting Kitty City, A Miniature Mecca For Adoptable Cats”
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This weekend, the Flux Factory in Queens was host to Kitty City, a venerable meowtropolis designed specifically for some adorable, adoptable kitties who are looking for new homes. The event turned out to be a success, according to photographer Amy Lombard: “There weren’t any cats toppling mini skyscrapers, but there were a few cats who did some pretty crazy jumps from the house. Which resulted in two boys screaming “Parkour!” every two minutes.”

“Most of the children in the pictures were responsible for building the actual city,” she added. “They had it broken up into different sections and even had a little lake-type thing that housed the water bowls. (which the cats then knocked over, of course).”

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