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Island Luminaria

Exhibition Dates: August 19th – September 17
Location: Governors Island, Colonels Row House 404A

Open Gallery Hours: 12-6pm Friday-Sunday

The Flaming Creature Crawl Parade will occur Sunday, September 3rd from dusk – 10pm
Lawn area, Colonels Row House 404A
Parade loop centering on Colonels Row and Nolan Park

Island Luminaria will be a group art show composed of art that emits light and art depicting luminescent bodies (sun, moon, stars). Rooms within Colonels Row House 404A will have art categorically by room (projection room, celestial bodies painting and sculpture room, fluorescent art room, lamp art room, neon art room, etc)

Flaming Creature Crawl will be a night time luminary parade. Lanterns will be held depicting the flora, fauna and celestial bodies of Governors Island accompanied by quiet acoustic music. This event is free and open to the public.

Inspired by a childhood of making Mardi Gras parades with family that snowballed from late night processions with collective art, music and flambeaus into citywide celebrations that have run for multiple decades….Sally Beauti Twin brings the first Flaming Creature Crawl to Governors Island thanks to Flux Factory. Sally Beauty Twin is a trans woman artist living in New York City. Her practice includes creation and curation of visual art, music, and theater.  Hundreds of events she has curated can be seen at Her pictorial website is here: Her art has recently been shown at Tomato Mouse Gallery, Spring/Break Art Fair, and Mizuma and Kips and her recent residencies have been at Flux Factory and LMCC. She received her arts education at Tulane University. 

Featured artists:
Earth Aengel @earth_aengel 
Elena Bajo @elenabajo 
Kriston Banfield @kbanfield122 
Stephanie Beattie @lakeswholelakes
Chelsea Hrynick Browne @chelseahrynickbrowne
MV Carbon @mvcarbon
Graciela Cassel @graciela_cassel
Maureen Catbagan @moofro
Aaron Cobbett @aaroncobbett
Daniel Clurman @drclurman
Ben Eden @1.crabcake
Tyler Harmon-Townsend @pass_the_tht
Lillye Hope @lillyehope
Jacob Isaac Gabriel @jacobisaacgabriel
Jesse Gelaznik @gelaznik 
Maura Jasper @maurajasper
Ariel Kleinberg @arkleinberg
Hadar Kleiman @hadarimk
Sarah LaPuerta @sarahlapuerta
Jazmin Lopez @pepapigokok 
Shauna Marley @shauna_marley_ 
Dario Mohr @dariomohr_art 
Iviva Olenick @iviva_in_brooklyn 
Camilla Padgitt-Coles @ivymeadows 
Heather Reneé Russ @heather_renee_russ
Nicole Schonitzer @schonitzertime
Jonathan Sims @chromadetic
Lee Tusman @leetusman
Isabel Vasquez @m.isabel.v.7 
Jevijoe Vitug @jevijoe 
Claire Weaver-Zeman
Alexander Zev @alexander__zev

@thesallybeauty @sallybeautitiwn

Poster: Sarah LaPuerta @sarahlapuerta

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