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Ivan Argote

Our lives are constantly influenced by the forces of history, economy and politics. These forces saturate the environments we all live in. My works are questions about how we experience those forces, and what our position in regards to them is. I often create interventions and performances in the public space creating video pieces that explore the city as a space of political and relational conflict. I work in many media: sculpture, installation, painting, photography and internet-based projects, and also make site-specific projects that explore different relations between art, curators galleries and the public.

Ivan Argote was Born in 1983 in Bogotá, and lives between Paris and New York. He has an MFA in Graphic Design by the National University of Colombia and an MFA in the Ecole Supériore des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Since 2007 he has participated in several exhibitions in different countries, mostly in Europe and Colombia. In 2011 he had a solo show at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin (Paris). In 2010 he had a solo show at Vernon Gallery in Prague. He participated to the show at Socrates Sculpture Park (New York),Tiere in der Kunst, Galerie im Traklhaus (Salzburg), at the International Festival of Artsin Beijing, the Madrid Abierto Biennale,Hyperactivityat CAN (Neuchatel), Danse Élargie at Theater of the City in Paris, among others.

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