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J Triangular

J Triangular ( Videoartist/Curator/Promoter) From Bogotá – Valparaiso

Everything began when I found an old super8 camera and started to make rituals with the spiritual guidance of Aleister Crowley, caos magick, and a tarot class that I took with Alejandro Jodorowsky. Since our first audiovisual performances and video projections as Celestial Twins (a collective of experimental cinema and avant-garde music platform), my mission as an independent curator has been to create space that reclaims and reflects on the poetic, political and erotic, and to support greater female representation as a dynamic force in the international scene, encouraging subversions to audiovisual language, abstractions and occult art.

Our body of work include alchemy, symbolism, sculptural objects, and poetry that reconfigure the notion of perception. In 2014 I created a festival for gender and experimental art called “Celestial Festival” in Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso, with invited guest Genesis Breyer P Orridge—an activist and pioneer from Psychic tv. Our documentaries and video experimental projects were recently exhibited in Russia and Berlin, in Casa Encendida in Madrid, Barcelona, Tokyo, and recently in the international independent festival of Mar del Plata, Argentina with other videoartists like Takeshi Makino and Rei Hayama. Our collaborations have included projects with Jim Jarmusch, with whom we exhibited at MOMA; the David Lynch Foundation; independent curators; and filmic live concerts and videoclips with Sacred Bones, PPU Records, COH, Xiu-Xiu, Silver Apples, Moon Duo, Mykki Blanco plus many others in different museums across the world.

I am currently shooting my first full-length film: The Dark Night of the Soul, a metaphysical musical of eroticism, Vhs, super8 and 16mm. It presents an aesthetic experience with the application of the Enneagram, the ancient technique delivered by Gurdjieff and the old secret society in Uzbekistan, as well as gestalt techniques to restore the psychic balance. It also incorporates dance, percussion and Afro-Caribbean rituals as part of poetic discourse and cultural resistance.

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