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Kerry Downey

Being from sunny South Florida, Kerry has the disposition of a tender, curmudgeonly, cardigan-sporting geriatric patient. She lives as if each day was her last, reveling in the sunshine of her mind’s eye. She prefers tea over coffee, music over sound, friends over enemies, her studio over the street. A Bard graduate of the Fine Arts, a current MFA candidate at Hunter College, list-maker extraordinaire, a skeptic of skepticism, a lover of all synchronicities, a Leo with a Cancer moon, and a lock on her studio so she can moonwalk with no interruptions. Despite being lactose-intolerant, she is easily one of the cheesiest people alive.

Kerry curated Flux Factory’s What the Book?, co-curated NOVEL, Works on Paper, and Grizzly Proof, and has participated in numerous other shows and collaborative projects.

kerry art

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