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Louise Hobson

Louise Hobson is an independent creative practitioner, working across the roles of curator, producer and artist. Louise’s curatorial practice draws on architectural influences, using a cross-disciplinary approach to create propositions for new patterns of exchange. Recent projects have existed as collaborations with artists and curators, building on practical exercises and social exchanges to encourage new conversation in public space.

Recent and upcoming curatorial projects include: ‘Catherine Biocca, Cornelia Baltes, Rosalie Schweiker’: a group exhibition at Mission Gallery (Swansea, Wales) opening March 2016; the Jane Phillips Award Curatorial Residency; Yellow Back Books: a temporary artist book bookshop in Cardiff (in collaboration with Becca Thomas and Samuel Hasler); Venice Breakfast Club, a weekly communal breakfast for invigilators of the 2015 Venice Biennale; and do what you can: exercise x (in collaboration with Jess Mathews), an exhibition and event, which brought together a group artists to form a temporary gallery on unfinished foundations.

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