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Meng-Hsuan Wu

Born in 1981, I started my life journey from Taiwan. In 2006, I left home to New York for my MFA degree from the sculpture program at SUNY New Paltz. Since then, I have been moving in between places to explore diverse cultures. Always in-between a traveler and a resident, I am like a river, a container of myself and of all the surroundings. The flow makes me affect the passing places and reflect them vice versa.

My art is not only a way to record my insights into life but also a means for me to observe other people’s perspectives about being. How can changing a person’s life condition influence one’s sense of existence, both physically and spiritually? The core of my art is to explore one’s identity in a specific time and place ; it reveals my passion for life and people. I like to combine different artistic methods including site-specific interactive performance and time-based video installation for investigating one’s sense of existence, which is deeply related to the context of time , space, and place. Through viewers’ participation in my work, I question their physical and mental existence not only by viewing but also by experiencing my art.

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