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Nat Roe

Nat Roe ED Flux Factory

Nat Roe is Flux Factory’s Executive Director, so he spends all his time at Flux sending emails, attending meetings and making spreadsheets in front of our big office window.

Nat is a co-founder of Silent Barn’s current space in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Silent Barn is a collectively directed space for living, working and performing.  He has organized and performed at numerous concerts since moving to New York in 2009.
For many years, Nat DJed a weekly radio program at WFMU.  His program centered around a style of audio collage that drew influence from turntablism and dancehall Clash style as well as the cut-up and appropriation techniques of artists like Brion Gysin and Christian Marclay.  You can listen to all his years of live improvised radio collage on Nat’s archives page.  Nat performs and records in the audio-visual duo Private Language with new media artist Melissa F Clarke.  Nat has also released a 7″ with Kakutopia records, a tape on Spleencoffin records, a CD with Tanzprocesz records — you can hear all these recordings at
Before getting involved in collective-centric arts spaces, Nat was active as a music journalist.  He has written for publications such as Wire Magazine, Signal To Noise, Rhizome, Fader, Noisey, and was the editor of WFMU’s blog for several years.
Find links to all Nat’s doings over the years and my full CV at
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