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PB is coming to LIC

Quite a few Fluxers have their eyes on Participatory Budgeting (PB), a democratic way of dispersing city money for community projects.  Over the coming year, folks who live and work in some NYC neighborhoods (including our own neighborhood of Long Island City) will propose public works projects and collectively vote on a million dollars worth of improvements.  If you’re not in the Long Island City-ish district, check to see if your neighborhood does PB.

You can get involved very soon.  Below you’ll find a calendar of upcoming Neighborhood Assemblies.  The first one is Thursday the 16th!  At these Assemblies, you can pitch ideas about improvement projects and work with others to develop the ideas into full approvals to get funded.  There you’ll see if Flux Factory’s idea to add slides next to subway stairs stands to be laughed at or voted up!

If you want to chat with us about PB, do email to steer you in the right direction.

While the above video gives a general idea of why PB is good for NYC, nothing happens without you.  Don’t be an armchair critic of developments in the city, take a look at the below calendar and get thinking about some ideas to bring to the next Neighborhood Assembly.

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