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Philip Emde

Philip Emde (b. 1976, Mannheim, Germany) works and lives in Cologne and Neustadt Weinstraße. Emde studied Illustration and Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. In 2011, he was awarded the Joseph und Anna Fassbender Preis, and the Balmoral New York Scholarship. Emde is co-founder of the exhibition space “Goldwald Projekte.”

“Life, that is law.” Author Daniel Kehlmann’s simple observation, found in his novel Measuring the World, is Emde’s guiding principle. In his body of work, Emde investigates the question of how to “cope with everyday life,” and creates thematically ordered cyclical series of work with etching and screen printing techniques.

Selected solo exhibitions : 2012 : ” Only two can play this game ” Gallery Chu,Cologne; ” Joseph-und-Anna-Fassbender Preis ” Gallery Brühl; 2011 : ” P-mel und die Penisraketenproblematik“, Gallery Nina Sagt, Düsseldorf ; 2010 : ” Philip Emde hat mein Leben zerstört “ Gallery Mülhaupt, Cologne ; 2008 : ” Glanzkinder Gallery “, Cologne

Selected group exhibitions include : 2012 : ” Finalist(inn)en des Mannheimer Kunstpreises 2012 der Heinrich-Vetter-Stiftung ” , Städtische Galerie Mannheim , ” back for good ” frappant e.v. , Hamburg ; 2011 : ” MIKRO MAKRO KOSMOS ” , Kunstverein Germersheim , ” Junge Rheinland-Pfälzer Künstler undKünstlerinnen“ / Emy-Röder-Preis 2011

Philip Emde’s 6 month residency (April – September 2013 ) is made possible with support of Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral / Stiftung Rheinland-Pfalz für Kultur

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