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Reactor is an art group that assembles new, collective realities in which audiences and Reactor members co‑participate. Reactor projects explore the ways in which cohesion of social groups is maintained through shared belief systems and collective action. Seeking to transcend the exhibition form, Reactor employ a lateral extension of the possibilities of art practice, encouraging it to spill out from its initial structure into an expanded field of activity.
Recent projects include: Dummy Button – KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin, Germany – 2013); MoMAMonarch – MoMA (New York, USA – 2013); The Green Man & Regular Fellows – Trade Gallery (Nottingham, UK – 2011); Double Take Triple Give – MoBY (Bat Yam, Israel – 2011); Big Lizards Big Idea – Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt, Germany – 2010); The Munkanon Centre – The Knot (Berlin, Germany – 2010).
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