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REUTERS – March 2007

Rueters News on Grizzly Proof


TRANSCRIPT – Grizzly bear art, 10 Mar 2007

Tucked away in an industrial section of Long Island City, New York, an art Gallery called the ‘Flux Factory’ is launching an unusual art exhibit.

‘Grizzly Proof’ draws together works from over 20 artists inspired the film ‘Project Grizzly, a documentary about an eccentric Canadian who builds a bear proof suit after reportedly being attacked by a Grizzly bear.

The 1996 documentary by the Toronto based filmmaker Peter Lynch is a profile of metal worker Troy Hurtubise, who survived a Grizzly bear attack in 1984 and then spends years building and testing a bear attack proof suit of armor.

Lynch says his documentary has become a sort of cult classic.

SOUNDBITE: Peter Lynch, Filmmaker, saying (English):

“Project Grizzly, it’s one of those things where it’s got nine lives, first it gets discovered by a famous filmmaker like Tarantino and then it gets spoofed on ‘The Simpsons’ and then all of a sudden some artists in Queens, New York are doing a tribute to your film and it’s very surreal, it’s very moving as well.”

The show features 17 works of art, ranging from sculpture, to drawing, to mixed media.

Lynch said he was ‘overwhelmed’ that his documentary has managed to strike a cord with so many people, especially outside of Canada.

Katie Juhl, Reuters.

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