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Santo Tolone

Santo Tolone (1979, Como) studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, and his educational training was largely shaped by his long term involvment with Isola Art Center in Milan, a community based artist-run center. Santo’s artistic and curatorial practice investigates exchange, interaction and dialectical encounters, as well as collaboration with other artists. See the exhibition L’Indiano in giardino or As you enter the exhibition, you consider this group show by an artist you don’t know by the name of Mr. Rossi. that took place all around the Isola neighborhood.

In 2008, after a five years collaboration with artist Matteo Mascheroni, as Santomatteo , Santo began working independently. With interventions ranging from video, photography, installation and sculpture, his practice is an overall attempt to trace the path from mental construct to signification, from scheme to realization, thus becoming the opposite of abstraction.

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