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Sara Clarke

Sara Clarke was born in New Orleans and raised in the swamps of rural southeast Louisiana. Branded a girl genius at the age of 4, she spent most of her childhood participating in special summer programs and being warned away from the alligators in the bayou behind her house. After surviving both the gators and the programs, Sara attended the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts in Natchitoches, LA, and then left the state at warp speed to study more things than there is room to mention here at various universities in Boston and New York. After moving to New York in late 2000, she had many scary adventures and became officially Punk Rawk. She will (finally) graduate from Hunter College with a B.A. in anthropology and women’s studies this June. She hopes to finish her first novel within the year, but then again, she’s been saying that since she was 9.

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