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Scape 2

April24th – May22nd 2004
a walk-through song out of sound installations all working from the same beat and drone.

Artists will develop a number of sound pieces that interact with one another by following a rhythm of 60 beats per minute and using a drone that is the note D.
The goal of the show is to explore the concept of ‘song’ through a collaborative process, in which the artists and musicians work together to create a coherent group work yet allowing the individual pieces to exist independently. The final result will be a collective song that can be walked through without the use of headphones. Pieces will range from the electronic to the mechanical.

With works by:
Pierre Bastien (France) – Guillermo Brown (USA) – free103point9 (USA)
Marco & Miwa (France-USA-Japan) – Stefany Anne Golberg w/Morgan Meis (USA)
Bruno Persat & Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria (France-USA)

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