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Shane Heinemeier

Shane Heinemeier’s  work is an abstraction of the idea of landscape, and the method of landscape painting.  He uses handmade tools and brushes to create works that while mechanical, still preserve the artist’s hand and an idea of intimacy.  The work is small in scale, which when perceived from afar appears to be abstracted landscape yet it opens up with a layered depth of paint and color when viewed more closely.  It deals with the landscape of the horizon line, while solidly working with color, texture, and line.  In this method colors are unearthed, and the paint and its process takes on its own natural abstraction.  The work simultaneously reflects both traditional illusionistic pictorial painting and flat non-representational abstraction. The ideas of landscape as literal and as illusion are illustrated by the play between actual texture of the surface of the painting landscape and simulated atmospheric depth.

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