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Subletter Policy

It is the resident’s obligation to find a subletter if they need one, but please let know that you are looking and she may be able to help you.

Finding a subletter

Once you realize you need to sublet your room, check in with the residency program first and see if they can use your room. 

If that doesn’t work, try sending out an email to Flux House and Flux Community announcing the dates you would need your room filled.

DO NOT put an ad out on Craiglist, Facebook, or any other site with a public audience.  If you’re not sure how to get the word out, check with Flux Admin.    

When you have someone who is interested

Allow the house to participate in the process.  While is it not always possible, do your best to honor the residency application process.  Ideally, your sublettor will have a chance to visit Flux, and meet a few Fluxers at the kitchen table for an informal interview.  When bringing someone into the community,  please be sure that they’re informed about what Flux is and expects of them. Please respect the other Fluxers by giving them agency in selecting their new ‘mate.

When finding a subletter, you are the liaison between that person and your fellow Fluxers.  Our shared experience relies on your diligence, so please be as open and communicative during this process as possible.

Once you have a subletter

It is up to you to arrange a financial agreement with their subletter.   Connect them via email to staff to be sure that they are added to the house list, and get access to Fluxipedia.

Let staff and other Fluxers know when to expect their arrival, and be sure someone will be at the house to welcome them.

Lastly, prepare your room for them – give it a clean, and wash the bedding.

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