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The Itching Pox Project – Stefany Anne Golberg

Sponsored Project:

“Itching Pox” 9:05 mp3

1. “The Itching Pox Project” is a debut solo recording from Stefany Anne Golberg (The Galerkin Method) and now available for public consumption.

2. “The Itching Pox Project” CD is encased in a limited-edition enclosure that is handmade by Stefany Anne herself, every last part of it. In other words, this CD is limited-edition and available by special order only.

3. “The Itching Pox Project” features original artwork by David “Daupo” Gassaway.

4. “The Itching Pox Project” was written and recorded little by little over a period of 3 years. A long labour of love.

5. Partial proceeds from “The Itching Pox Project” will be donated to the Flux Factory, Inc. nonprofit arts organization.

“The Itching Pox Project”. $20. Promotional copies available.

Copies can be obtained in person at Flux Factory,

or email

Please allow between 2 and 4 weeks for delivery

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