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Very nice post on “Squiddity” – Sat March 12th 2005

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Flux Factory are having more fun than we are

Man, I wish I could belong to New York art collective Flux Factory. I first heard of them when their president, Morgan Meis, published an article entitled “Devil’s Work” in the April 2004 issue of Harper’s. It detailed the progress of a performance/installation the group did a few years ago in the Queens Museum of Art, in which they were given a room in the museum for 3 months and left to their own devices. At first they just hung out in the room, wearing orange jumpsuits and sticking things to the walls, but then they started to get bored. One of them suggested, “We have to extend the room.” A couple of others agreed…

read the rest.. she rocks!…

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