Flux Factory began in 1994 in an old spice factory in Brooklyn, New York. Within four years the number of Flux inhabitants doubled, and what was once living space for a group of students, transformed into a site for art exhibitions, events, and performances. After attaining 501(c)(3)  status and experiencing two location changes, Flux is now happily nestled in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens, New York.

Flux Factory now oversees a highly competitive residency program that provides workspace for artists within a socially engaging and collaborative environment.  There are typically 16 artists-in-residence at Flux Factory at any given time.  Since introducing its formal residency program in 2009, more than one hundred artists from the United States, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Belgium, and Chile have completed residencies at Flux Factory.

In addition to cultivating residents’ personal practices, the residency program schedules monthly studio visits with curators and offers its participants opportunities to exhibit artwork, shape Flux Factory’s diverse programming endeavors, contribute to the Flux Factory collaborative projects, and be immersed in the thrilling cultural landscape of New York City.


Flux Factory provides a welcoming community of artists and arts administrators, as well as a number of useful facilities at our residents’ disposal. The building is equipped with a wood shop, silk screen studio, craft room, co-working office, expansive gallery space, and audio visual equipment. The gallery houses exhibitions, weekly events, and workshops, and residents are encouraged to participate in the development of our annual major exhibitions. Through Flux, Residents are also granted access to Materials for the Arts, New York City’s premier reuse center.

Our open call for Flux Factory Artists-In-Residence is posted twice a year. Residency duration varies between three, six, nine, and twelve months, depending on availability.

The residency program offers opportunities to contribute to Flux Factory exhibitions and public programs. Flux Factory also encourages residents to submit proposals for solo and group exhibitions in its newly renovated gallery.

Flux Factory residents are free to use all facilities and resources and are granted access to other city programs such as Materials for the Arts (two blocks away!). In-house facilities include a woodshop, silk-screening studio, and co-working office.

As a part of a community run center for artists, Flux Factory residents are asked to take part in the creation and maintenance of its facilities and programming. On Monday nights, all Flux Factory residents and administrators attend a weekly meeting (which also includes a gigantic dinner!) so that we may foster a sense of community and discuss the evolving needs of the program.

Residents are asked to put in volunteer hours toward space renovation and a weekly chore.  We are frequently renovating our building–a process that would be impossible without our dedicated network of volunteers.  A constantly changing physical and social environment, Flux is always a work-in-progress, and there are many opportunities to leave one’s mark.

The Flux Factory residency is tailored to American and international artists of varying media and practices. We also welcome cultural producers of all stripes, social activists, academics, and anyone who is creative, adventurous, and willing to come to New York City and allow experiences here to influence new bodies of work. We are especially keen on artists who have a socially collaborative art practice.

Residents are selected through our Open Call application process.  Applications are reviewed by Flux Factory administrators and current residents.  Prospective residents with standout applications will undergo an interview via Skype or in-person at Flux Factory, if within a reasonable travel distance.

Cost varies for different opportunities.

Stay tuned for our next application cycle in the fall.

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Flux Factory has unique ties to myriad organizations throughout New York City and abroad, including six-month fully funded residencies for six culturally under-served artists through 2011 and 2012, thanks to The New York Community Trust.

Residency Unlimited supports Flux Factory’s international residency program and provides highly personalized support to each of its resident artists at Flux Factory. Residency Unlimited explores innovative art residency formats and fosters customized residencies to support the practices of local and international artists and curators. RU operates across multiple platforms and communities, and fosters collaborative partnerships by tapping into multifaceted resources locally and internationally.

Flux Factory expects to fund additional residencies in the future through partnerships with other local and international institutions. We are currently pursuing relationships with funding organizations interested in sponsoring individual artists for Flux Factory’s Artist-In-Residence program. If you are a supporting organization interested in hosting artists at Flux Factory, please contact us.