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20 years of Flux and hello to our new Director

As August’s Homecoming exhibition approaches (RSVP for our opening gala here), Flux Factory marks 20 years of collaborative energy through artifact, lore and friends.  As we look backward, we’re excited to move forward with our new Executive Director, Nat Roe.  Expect dramatic news and growth from Flux Factory this year!


The transformation of Flux Factory from impromptu art collective into pillar for exhibition, education and arts residencies has been a long and winding road with plenty of detours, rose smelling and…well…flux.  Please do celebrate 20 years with us at our August 2nd Homecoming gala and by taking home our accompanying publication.

This gaze backward follows quick on the heels of a new addition to Flux – me – Hi, I’m Nat Roe and I’m the new Executive Director here.  I’m thrilled to say that I’ve found a real dream job in joining the Flux family.  As a co-founder of Silent Barn’s location in Bushwick, I have experienced first-hand the power of collective thinking and action.  I am a firm believer in DIY as a philosophy that the most efficient route is not the best – that heuristic, collaborative routes during creation are as important as the finished project.  I believe that spaces like Flux Factory perform a massive civic duty for New York City and beyond, and that our model of coworking is an antidote to many of society’s ills.

Nat Roe ED Flux Factory
Flux’s new director Nat enjoying a vinyl at WFMU

I first collaborated with Fluxers as an organizer of the 2012 DIYBA basketball tournament of art spaces.  I refereed the heated final round between Shea Stadium and Flux Factory, and was even accused that my biased reffing led to Flux’s 1-point victory.  I won’t comment on those accusations, but I will say some good deeds do go unpunished.  I’m excited to wear the Flux jersey in 2014’s DIYBA.

Flux Factory has immediately felt like a home to me in my first days on the job, and I’ve been amazed at the level of kindness, thoughtfulness and productiveness of our residents, staff and board.  Filling the shoes of my predecessor Christina Vassallo is intimidating, I’ll admit, since she left such a gargantuan mark on the space and brought Flux to such a high level of functioning and ambition.  I am immensely grateful to step into Flux with a balanced budget and general order.  Many thanks to interim director Doug Paulson for holding the fort down under heavy stress.

We will have some dramatic news and exciting initiatives coming up soon – for now I’ll say that I’m honored to play a part in pushing Flux toward a new chapter, and to continually raise this collective to higher heights.

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