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Adrian Owen

A musician, artist, and builder. “My first time at the Flux Factory was when White Limo, my heavy metal band, played at their prom in 2005. We broke their new stage on the first chord of our first song. Shortly thereafter, I found myself working on the Flux show: NOVEL: a living installation. It turned out I would become a frequent collaborator, and at times a muse. In 2009 I came into the organization in an administrative capacity, as the building manager, when after a period of homelessness, we found a new space. I haunt these walls to this day, and continue the sometimes sisyphean seeming task of improving and maintaining the building, as well as participating in and facilitating its creative output. As a builder, I mainly do carpentry work, and have been for many moons now. Not always just sweat for dollars, I’ve done some fun projects, including the upper hull restoration on The Waterfront Museum, a 100 year old barge in Red Hook, as well as my labors on our beloved Flux Factory.

Aside from swinging a hammer and providing face-melting guitar riffs, I am a classically trained Bass singer, with a BA in voice from Bard College. I continue to study privately in NYC, my focus being on operatic repertoire and technique. I sing formal classical music as a chorister (Riverside Choral Society), soloist, and in roles. At times my practices are separate, but they often collide. I explore the lines between performance art and operatic ideas, and as an artist/builder, I tend towards installation work, but much of the work itself, or the events associated, also accommodate performance.”

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