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All You Can Art

Saturday, November 22nd, 2003, 3pm-10pm, free

– the edible show

All You Can Art is not interested in works simply made out of food€”a cream cheese painting, if you will€” but rather works of art that are themselves taste experiences. This show will be a day-long event of installations and performances that revolve around the concept of taste, eating, and food. Moreover, all the art will be (more or less) edible.

The work in this show is to be felt and tasted, smelled and consumed.

featuring works by: Prudence Emma Staite – UK, Miwa Koizumi – Japan, Frederic Pradeau – France, Stefany Anne Golberg – USA, J. M. Tyree – USA, Morgan Meis – Timothy Don – USA, Flux Factory – USA

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