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Amela Parcic

Amela Parcic is an interdisciplinary artist who uses video installations, paintings,collages, and photography to explore memory and the sense of dislocation that urbanization has on individuals.

Having lived in many different places throughout her life, she is interested in creating a space where the imaginary and the observed world meet; a dialogue between imagined and experienced places. Her work oscillates between the autobiographical, dream-like and mystical, investigating history, language, the urban environment and the net of interactions within.

Her work also examines multiple realities and how memory creates an overlapping of different experiences and ultimately an ever-present feeling of being “in-between” places.

Born in Serbia and raised in Germany, Amela completed her BFA in Painting at Pratt Institute in New York City. In 2010, she was awarded a Fulbright grant for a project in Croatia. Currently she is a participant of NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Mentorship Program.

She has exhibited solo shows in Croatia and collaborative projects in the Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, and the United States.


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